The Light We Cast

“No Good” cover by Hidden Citizens feat. Rånya “Tribulation” by Matt Maeson feat. VÉRITÉ “The Light We Cast” by Jessica Curry   As Leda Revik walked into the meeting room, she reached for the blaster at her hip. Her finger flexed around the trigger both for her own comfort, and to watch Jace’s eyes widen … More The Light We Cast

The Emotions of Humans

“Do you really have to read that thing aloud?” She looked over the edge of her book, still in awe that she actually found one amongst the wreckage, and continued reading, “This is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea.” She slammed the book closed. “Let’s do it and see what happens.” Keel snorted. “You don’t … More The Emotions of Humans

Birthday Cake

  [New Transmission] Day 563 of Voyage N3-72.0048 Current Location: Planet Earth Greetings to the Council. As I recounted in my last entry, I never meant to stay here this long. My instructions were as clear as Filbaardian crystals – disguise myself as a human, immerse myself amongst them, gather as much intelligence as possible, … More Birthday Cake