Summertime Link Salad

Hey there, Muse-chasers. We’ve been a bit quiet over here on the blog, since life got a bit, well, hectic (which is really saying something considering the last year…), and we needed to focus on other things. But we’re still here, still dreaming and writing and revising and reading and wishing (and revising again…). We … More Summertime Link Salad

Writerly Advice From Laini Taylor and Maggie Stiefvater

Goodreads has this fantastic feature called Ask the Author, where readers and fans can basically ask their favourite authors anything and learn more about them, their stories, their writing process, their quirks and habits, and more. It’s a great way to pick through your favourite authors’ brains and get to know them better. And of … More Writerly Advice From Laini Taylor and Maggie Stiefvater


Wyatt appeared next to me with a grin on his face and a bottle of beer in his hand. “Here, you’ve earned it.” “Me?” I asked, taking the beer. “You guys are doing all the work. I just sit here and-” “Spout prophecies and ancient wisdom,” he said with a touch of sass. He popped … More Home

Hello & Welcome!

Hello! This is Joyce, one of the four co-founders of this writing blog. Welcome to this room of our own – we hope you enjoy your stay here.   HOW IT BEGAN Isn’t it strange how kindred spirits can meet across time-zones and space? The four of us – Becky, Joyce, Meredith, and Nicole – … More Hello & Welcome!