Tick Tock

  Wilhelm sat back from his desk and exhaled. He had done it. It sat on the tabletop before him, ticking and clicking and humming merrily, and his chest swelled with pride as he watched the second hand make its first rotation around the face. For centuries, clocks and horologes had called the faithful to … More Tick Tock

The Forgotten Pleasures

“Really? Here?” The male human’s fingers were already brushing against her hips, his knuckles sneaking their way underneath the fabric of her shirt. His nose was buried against her neck, as he guided her gently, pushing her backwards. Both of them were unaware of the audience that was forced to watch their rendezvous. “Baby, you … More The Forgotten Pleasures


Maddie followed him down the aisle. His shoulders were stooped, as if to make his tall frame seem smaller, or if he had spent his whole life carrying too many books in his backpack. Most likely the latter, she thought as she passed along the shelves of books. She had never come this far into … More Deal