All The Light in The World

Two ex-lovers are sent to kill each other in this dramatic Chinese historical short story. Let us know if you want to read more!

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#asianlit #diverselit … More All The Light in The World


Wondering Wednesdays: Plotting versus Pantsing

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to another segment of Wondering Wednesdays, where we break down some of our perspectives of different popular topics that come up during the writing journey. If you’ve been following along with our series, you’ll know it focuses on most of the basics surrounding wanting to write a novel and making that … More Wondering Wednesdays: Plotting versus Pantsing


She knew it would end like this. One does not train their entire life to become the greatest fencer in the kingdom without making a few enemies. She had bested them all, one man after another who claimed superiority over her simply for being male. Yet one by one they fell to her saber, her … More Lethal

A Slinger’s Bane

There’s only so many times you can wake up to the chaotic cacophony of war; the strident, singing shots of gunfire and the screams of dying souls before you learn to hate it. For Kaetheia, it only took one morning—one morning that turned into 25 years, thanks to the contract she wore chained around her … More A Slinger’s Bane

February Prompt

Hello, dearest readers! Your Muses have been on a little hiatus, but we’re desperate to get back to writing stories. Originally, we had a prompt for December last year picked out that excited us, but the holidays didn’t help the already chaotic lives we’re living and we never even got to have a crack at … More February Prompt