#MusicMonday: Epic Songs

This week we’re sharing our favorite EPIC SONGS! The word ‘epic’ gets thrown around a lot, but these songs exemplify that huge, sweeping dramatic sound that gets your blood pumping and your imagination soaring. Let these songs help you to dream big, write that climactic scene, or slay that scariest of foes: Monday. MEREDITH: Renaissance … More #MusicMonday: Epic Songs



Teo left the engine running. He leaned back in the driver’s seat, keeping his chin tucked into his jacket collar. Three minutes and twenty seconds. That was how long Vincenzo said it would take. Teo glanced at the dashboard clock, but knew he wouldn’t be able to count down each second without going mad. He … More Getaway

Link Salad

We wanted to kick things off this year with a roundup of our favorite recent blog posts and content from bloggers, writers, and editors we love. We hope they provide some solace, some inspiration, or maybe just a laugh or two. Let us know what you’re loving recently, or if you’ve started a new habit … More Link Salad

Highway Star

The sign made me pull to a stop. “You’ve actually been here before. We just made sure you forgot.” Too big to miss, but too many words to take in if you were careening down this empty, dusty road. … More Highway Star