Music Monday: Kickstarting 2018

Brand new year, more songs to discover and fall in love with! To kick off 2018, we’re sharing what’s on our feel-good playlist that lift our spirits. … More Music Monday: Kickstarting 2018


A Rare Thing Indeed

Vera – for that’s what she was calling herself this century – sat down and regretted everything. She regretted signing up for that dating service on a whim, and responding to Dave or Dan or whoever’s message, and agreeing to come here. Oh and she regretted that deal with the elder gods which started all … More A Rare Thing Indeed


*Muses Note: This week, we’re featuring guest writer Marie Stump, in her debut of posting her writing out for the rest of the world to see. We’re really honored that she’s sharing her work with us and hope you enjoy it, too. It’s inspired by her larger work-in-progress.** The storm rolled in suddenly. One moment, … More Arrival