February Prompt

Hello, dearest readers! Your Muses have been on a little hiatus, but we’re desperate to get back to writing stories. Originally, we had a prompt for December last year picked out that excited us, but the holidays didn’t help the already chaotic lives we’re living and we never even got to have a crack at … More February Prompt

A Spider’s Warning

I’ve always suffered from bad dreams. I’m not sure where the suffering came from—or used to come from, rather. But memories from my childhood aren’t complete without remembering the night terrors, without vivid recollections waking up with a cold sweat, the shakes, only being able to wake up at all because of the screaming. I … More A Spider’s Warning

August Prompt

Hello, dear readers! We hope you all are doing well, especially now that the second half the year is underway. Can you believe that? We certainly can’t. But we’re also excited, because we have some items in the works that we think might excite you. Plus, we’re going to try and be more active, providing … More August Prompt

July Prompt

Hello, dear readers! How have things been? We know the world is a bit of a rough one to live in, right now, and it’s easy to fall into depression slumps and pits of despair, regardless that it’s the summer time and the sun is shining. As such, we were hoping to try and brighten … More July Prompt

June Prompt Post

Hello, lovely readers! We’re not sure what baffles us more: the fact that we’re already posting our prompt for June or the fact that we’re hammering out details and picking prompts for our next three months (as we pick them up in three month chunks) which covers into September. Time never ceases to amaze us. For … More June Prompt Post

The Use of Shadows

In the end, he thought it had been rather easy. Sure, it had taken months for him to pull off his latest heist. Sure, it’d been the most complicated one he’d ever come up with, in theory. When a heist involved waiting for a solar eclipse, stealing an interplanetary planer jet, haggling with the oldest … More The Use of Shadows

May Prompt

Hello, lovely readers! April was a little hectic for your Muses. As I’m sure you can believe, life always has a knack of knocking our best laid plans off kilter and sometimes, even when you don’t want to listen to it, you have to. But other times, it’s more important to put your plans on … More May Prompt

April Writing Prompt

Hello, readers! Does it feel like spring where you’re at right now? It’s a mix for us Muses at the moment, with some of us sharing beautiful pictures of the flowers blooming, whereas others haven’t seen the sun in over a week and keep wondering when we’ll get to stop requiring jackets every day. Oh, … More April Writing Prompt