Wondering Wednesdays: So, You Want to Write a Novel?

Hello, dear readers! Welcome to our first post in our revamped Wondering Wednesdays series! As we mentioned in our previous intro post, we’re really, really excited for this new series and hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Series One for Wondering Wednesdays is all about writing that first draft. So, … More Wondering Wednesdays: So, You Want to Write a Novel?

Inside the Globe

The day he realized everything was outside of his control was the day he decided to change. To hide. What else could he do, after learning he was trapped inside a globe? He wasn’t sure exactly how he found out. In fact, he wasn’t quite sure of anything. He couldn’t remember his past and had … More Inside the Globe

June Prompt Post

Hello, lovely readers! We’re not sure what baffles us more: the fact that we’re already posting our prompt for June or the fact that we’re hammering out details and picking prompts for our next three months (as we pick them up in three month chunks) which covers into September. Time never ceases to amaze us. For … More June Prompt Post

The Use of Shadows

In the end, he thought it had been rather easy. Sure, it had taken months for him to pull off his latest heist. Sure, it’d been the most complicated one he’d ever come up with, in theory. When a heist involved waiting for a solar eclipse, stealing an interplanetary planer jet, haggling with the oldest … More The Use of Shadows

Red and Raven

*Muses Note: This week, our featured guest writer is Soraya Corcoran, fantasy writer and amazing cartographer. We hope you enjoy her story below as much as we do! You can follow her blog here.* “This is a stupid idea,” Celeste said as she leaned over the table, grinding sulfur down to a fine powder. She’d infused … More Red and Raven

The Emotions of Humans

“Do you really have to read that thing aloud?” She looked over the edge of her book, still in awe that she actually found one amongst the wreckage, and continued reading, “This is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea.” She slammed the book closed. “Let’s do it and see what happens.” Keel snorted. “You don’t … More The Emotions of Humans