Music Monday: Kickstarting 2018

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Brand new year, more songs to discover and fall in love with! To kick off 2018, we’re sharing what’s on our feel-good playlist that lifts our spirits.


“We Are the Love We Give” by Imaginary Future

Since we’re starting off 2018 on a positive note, this song by indie folk one-man band created by Jesse Epstein drives a great message home. His sweet, husky vocals paired with a gentle acoustic guitar are everything. Play it a few times, and you’ll soon find yourself humming the catchy title!

Oh, and did I mention that his wife is the beautiful songbird/songwriter Kina Grannis? They team up a lot to make other heart-melting songs like We’ll Be Okay – which is another song you must check out!



“Mi Gente” by J. Balvin and Willy William

I discovered this song on the radio at the end of last year and goodness me, I’ve had it stuck on repeat a little more than I probably should. It can’t help but make me smile because it has such a good beat to it and I can’t help but dance to it (even though I really, really can’t dance). It’s not the type of music that I listen to when I write, but it is something that I listen to in order to lift my spirits and make me smile, whether it’s driving home for work, walking through campus or making a surprise dinner for the boyfriend and scaring the cats with my vicious hip swinging (this may or may not have happened).



“Finesse” by Bruno Mars feat. Cardi B

This song has been out for a while (and man I love all of Bruno’s latest album), but the video for this song just came out and it’s had me jamming around my apartment the past week. I’m living for the smooth dance moves and old school sound, and the bright colors and style speak to my inner 90’s kid. I love how all of his songs are about having a good time, no matter who you are or where you’re from, and I think we could all use a little more joy and dancing in our lives nowadays.


What songs have you turned on to get you pumped for the new year? Leave them in the comments below! 

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One thought on “Music Monday: Kickstarting 2018

  1. Mi Gente and the Finesse remix have been staples for me since the new year has started, though Mi Gente was my most listened to song on Spotify last year to begin with! xx


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