The Space Between

*Muses Note – This week we’re featuring a guest writer, J.M. Whitty. She’s a British-Canadian living in Switzerland, who writes post-apocalyptic and speculative fiction. You can learn more about her on our ‘About the Writers’ page* In the garden. It was a cold early morning in the first few days of autumn. Too cold for … More The Space Between


As Marcantonio ascended the worn marble steps of the hospital, he smiled. The clip of his new boots resonated from the arched ceilings, announcing his arrival with confident echoes. I want him to know I am coming, he thought, eager to see the Senator’s reaction. He reached the top of the stairs, his cloak flowing … More Homecoming

The Memory Killer

The memory killer ran his practice in a sensible, compact office tucked away at the end of a narrow alley. Up an arched stairway you had to go before heading down a corridor that could just barely fit two people. It was impossible to spot it unless you knew where to look and what you … More The Memory Killer

To the Void

By Chong You Zhen   <entry 1 start> Space is dense here, like weightless water. In it, my immaculate hair fell apart and each movement was a crawl. Like a mindfulness exercise, it hurt. All of us who roam the vast riches of space are supposed to keep journals. Presumably, the way time warped out … More To the Void

Redemption’s End

**Muses Note: This week, we’re featuring guest writer Robert Nugent! Writer of medieval fantasy, Rob has two books he’s already self-published in the world of Aerothos. Catch a glimpse of this awesome fantasy world in his story down below.** Entry 54, 72nd of Autumn, year 362 of the Halryians, Sir Jean d’Fleurais Long has the road been … More Redemption’s End