The Celestial Sisters

The two sisters were crowned with stars and fame, sitting atop their cumulus thrones. They waved to their adoring fans, tossing handfuls of glitter that rained down like stardust. One sister, on the left, was older and shone silver as the moon in deepest winter. Metallic thread spidered across her gown and down her arms, … More The Celestial Sisters

#MusicMonday: Lovely, Dark and Deep

Who’s up for some spooky songs, perfect for that eerie story you’re reading/writing? Check out our newest songs for #MusicMonday: Lovely, Dark and Deep

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What sounded like the final crackle of the firewood drowned with the waves and ocean breeze. Brianne hasn’t said more than a few pleasantries since the last of the Clan’s core members arrived about 15 minutes ago. The night sky, navy and unchanging, hung over them, the rhythm of waves permeating the background, at least … More Assignment