September Writing Prompt

As we step into fall, here’s a dreamy writing prompt for September. Watch this space for new fiction coming your way!

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What sounded like the final crackle of the firewood drowned with the waves and ocean breeze. Brianne hasn’t said more than a few pleasantries since the last of the Clan’s core members arrived about 15 minutes ago. The night sky, navy and unchanging, hung over them, the rhythm of waves permeating the background, at least … More Assignment

We Met on Memory Lane

The Memory Lane gang was named after the road on which they all first met. Their encounter certainly wasn’t by any sort of intention, for the five of them couldn’t be more different. As it were, their fates entwined that sweltering afternoon on Memory Lane, just a ten-minute drive from the university dorm. It might … More We Met on Memory Lane

Memories by the Fire

*Muse’s Note: This week’s story is by our fabulous returning guest writer, J.M.Whitty. You can read her other stories here.*   When I think of a campfire, it conjures up fragments of memories that fit together like a puzzle with irregular pieces. These memories are not stories, but rather glimpses of feelings and scents and … More Memories by the Fire