The Silent Princess

It’s #FictionFriday! So here’s a magical tale of a silent princess who found her voice.
#amwriting #shortstory … More The Silent Princess


The Use of Shadows

In the end, he thought it had been rather easy. Sure, it had taken months for him to pull off his latest heist. Sure, it’d been the most complicated one he’d ever come up with, in theory. When a heist involved waiting for a solar eclipse, stealing an interplanetary planer jet, haggling with the oldest … More The Use of Shadows

May Prompt

Hello, lovely readers! April was a little hectic for your Muses. As I’m sure you can believe, life always has a knack of knocking our best laid plans off kilter and sometimes, even when you don’t want to listen to it, you have to. But other times, it’s more important to put your plans on … More May Prompt

Purple Prose

* Muses Note: This week our featured guest writer is Seth Petherick, a comedian, Dungeons & Dragons aficionado, and otter expert. He lives in London. * At 6:30 the clock radio comes to life and speaks to the bedroom. It isn’t magic or anything like that, 6:30 is just when the alarm is set for. … More Purple Prose