#FictionFriday: The Girl With the Demon Dog

Every orphan in the Capital needs a companion animal to protect them … or to keep them in line. But one girl who got paired with a hell hound wants to breaking free.

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Hello, There

As my fingers switched from being so numb, I couldn’t feel them, to such excruciating pain, they were the only thing I could feel, I cursed, not for the first time, the choices I’d made in my youth. It’d made sense, back then. Everyone else my age was either a bully or boring, and I … More Hello, There

#FictionFriday: Narwhals Have Feelings Too

  “Rupert, would you please be careful?” The narwhal bumped the hull of the sailboat one more time, then disappeared beneath the waves. “Sorry,” Jim said, turning back to his laptop screen. “No problem,” came a bemused voice from the computer. The woman on the screen smiled, her Persian cat curled around her shoulders. “I … More #FictionFriday: Narwhals Have Feelings Too