Wondering Wednesdays: Reimagined

Wondering Wednesdays

Hello, dear readers!

If you’ve been following with us for a while, you may have noticed that, at the start of this year, we introduced a new monthly series, called Wondering Wednesdays. We were excited for the ideas and ready to share our stories and thoughts with you. We even posted a few times, too.

And then we stopped.

You know how this goes. Life gets in the way, schedules change, workloads increase and our stories every Friday will always come before any features, series or memes we partake in, so when push came to shove and we could only get one thing out, it was always a new story. A couple months went by, but we couldn’t get this idea out of our heads. How we wanted to create something for our readers, something they could read and connect with, as they adventure in their own writing journeys.

Now, the stars have finally aligned and life has calmed down enough for us to take another attempt at Wondering Wednesdays. Except this time, it’s a little more structured, a little more concrete in the idea behind the scenes. Reimagined, this monthly series is so planned out, that, if we can stay on top of things and roll with life’s punches (but hey, we know we’re human, but we’re giving our best attempt here), we’ll be posting this series for the next three years.

I know, right? We may have disappeared for a little while, but we definitely know how to come back with a bang.

Basically, Wondering Wednesdays is a monthly series that is going to be told in three total series, each spanning over the course of the year. It’s by still struggling, unpublished and learning writers for always learning and unpublished writers, meant to help navigate all the steps from the very first spark of a brand new idea to seeing your name on the spine. But it’s not meant to be a code or a repetition of rules, where we tell you exactly how to write a book. Instead, we want to share our personal experiences with each topic, in hopes that they will either inspire, encourage or help someone else, as they either deal with the same thing or wonder what it could be like, once they reach that stage in writing their novel. Because every writer is different.

But you are never alone.

We’re really excited to start over with this series, as looking forward, it looks really, really awesome (at least, that’s our goal!). Wondering Wednesdays, Series One, will last from now until next May, where we’ll take the summer off to prep for Series Two. Below is our schedule for the entire series. Hopefully you see some topics that you are excited to see us tackle. The first series is entirely about conquering that first draft, from the sparks of your very first idea to writing “the end” for the first time on that novel (or ever!). We’re pretty excited to go back down memory lane and think about what it felt like to tackle writing a novel for the first time–or, honestly, some of the issues, struggles and successes you tackle every time you start a new novel, whether it’s your first or your 100th.

Wondering Wednesdays: Series One

August: So You Want to Write a Novel?
September: Coming Up With Ideas
October: Plotting Versus Pantsing
November: Choosing a POV
December: Starting the First Draft
January: Creating Your Routine
February: Writer’s Block
March: Balancing Self Love Versus Writing
April: Productive Writing That Includes No Writing
May: Completing Your First Draft!

Also, if you return to this post, we’ll link to the posts after they go live, so you always know where to find them. 🙂

We’re really excited to start on this journey with you and hope you enjoy reading it and interacting with us in the comments as much as we did crafting, brainstorming and writing this series for you!

Your Muses


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