#MusicMonday: Fantasy Songs

Journey with us this #MusicMonday to faraway fantasy lands, where magic fills the air and danger is around every corner. Whether you’re rescuing a prince-in-distress or slaying evil monsters in your manuscript (or in real life), these songs will help transport you to a world of beauty and wonder, where anything is possible.


Running With the Wolves by AURORA and Bruno Coulais

I just watched this magical film, and this song—and the scene where it’s used—gave me goosebumps beyond anything I’ve felt in a long time. The studio that animated the film has made two others also heavily influenced by Irish mythology and history, and this one is probably my new favorite of the three. The animation is all still hand-drawn, and the music and imagery blend into a magical whole. AURORA’s ever-ethereal voice and dreamy lyrics work perfectly too. If you’re in need of a genuinely beautiful and heartfelt escape right now (and who isn’t?), then I 100% recommend this historical fantasy, and the other films too (The Secret of Kells, and Song of the Sea).

A Gift for the Princess by Sonia Belusova and Giona Ostinelli (The Witcher OST)

I am anxiously awaiting season 2 of the Witcher, and still love listening to the soundtrack from season 1. This track is especially evocative, with its slow build of strings and hurdy-gurdy-esque instruments. A woman’s voice comes in slow and mysterious, blending with the sounds into a magic spell. Then it swells to a moment of tension, and falls away, like a storm building and breaking over the moors. I love the combination of instruments they used throughout the soundtrack, and while many of the other pieces are stronger and scarier and more dramatic, the quiet feeling woven throughout this piece makes me sit up and listen every time I hear it.

Tell us in the comments which fantastical song resonated with you, and if you write or read fantasy, what are your favorite tracks to listen to? 


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