#MusicMonday: Songs for Sci-Fi Worlds

Music Monday Sci-Fi Worlds 1 new

Space – the final frontier. Whether you like your sci-fi heavy on the Sci or heavy on the Fi, these songs are sure to get your hyperdrives going. We’ve chosen our favorite tracks that always launch our imaginations into the cosmos, where the far-off stars and planets suddenly don’t feel so far anymore.



I was a bit torn between a few songs, but this track from the second Thor movie gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. It’s haunting and sad, but also beautiful and Epic with a capital E, and the lone mournful singer over the huge sweeping orchestra gets me every time.

I also love the cascading minor runs around the 2:50 mark, which add to the sense of grief and longing, but there is such loveliness in this piece as well. Brian Tyler’s score is one of the best things about the film, and this track, to me, is the most evocative of far-off planets and cold shining stars, but also of the bonds between us that transcend space and time.



You can’t tell me to talk about music from a sci-fi world and not offer you about a 1,000 different tracks from the Mass Effect universe. So much of the music played throughout those games makes me more emotional than so many other things and it’s truly hard to pin down even one track to offer as an example. I’m personally a fan of the plethora of ambient tracks created thanks to the world, though the sampling I showed here, from the latest installment, Andromeda, offers a sampling from a multitude of different tracks from the game. But all of them give me a sense of wonder and exploration, which I think, personally, is what space is all about.



Admittedly, I don’t read much sci-fi or dystopian. But once in a while, you chance by a really gripping sci-fi novel that changes your mind. I had Blackmill on repeat while I hurtled through Marie Lu’s LEGEND series. It’s so dark and evocative, and the techno elements in this chillstep piece adds to the sci-fi vibe. Plus, it fit perfectly into the mood for LEGEND, a sci-fi thriller/love story between a boy who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and the Republic’s golden girl who discovers the truth behind the state of the country. (Also, did you hear? There’s going to be Book 4!!! Thank you, Marie!)


As always, let us know in the comments which songs you liked best, or which tracks are your favorite for conjuring up space travel and science-fiction adventures!


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